Anarchistic project:
1. Frederic Madre m.s.t 
2. SEO algae rhythm 10
3.Ian Campbell IMPERIALISM

Ecological project:
1.INTIMA zvrst3
2.Wendy Vissar Lekso's Codebox

Radical conformistic project:
1.Namniyas Ashuratova Enemy processing system
2.Kostja Mitenev next future

Special award:
Ian Campbell, Alexey Shulgin and  Mindaugas Gapsevicius.

c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !!!!


All winners get TRASH THINGS, the festival's CD-Rom and CATALOGUE.
The firsts: Frederic Madre, Igor Stromayer (intima) , Namniyas Ashuratova; and 'specialy awarded' Ian Campbell, Alexey Shulgin and  Mindaugas Gapsevicius - won trip to Moscow for participation in the international symposium NewMediaLogia2 in January 2000.

All projects previously selected by juries will be included in the CD-Rom and the catalogue of the Trash-Art festival.